Have you been to an Indian Wedding?

August 24, 2020

By Team WSG

The past few months have been filled with banana bread, baking and tv-bingeing, including watching our very own Sima aunty from Indian Matchmaking, the Netflix Original Series (we at W·S·G HQ are huge fans!).

After following the journey of all the individuals, it’s hard not to think about Indian weddings in general and how much we love them! Much like the match-making process itself, Indian weddings always promise to bring an eclectic and vibrant bunch of people together.

The most universally-acknowledged fact about Indian weddings is that the celebrations run over several days. Of all cultures out there, Indian weddings are probably the longest, but why not celebrate through having loads of fun with friends and family? Ultimately, it provides everyone involved with lots of memories to recollect and treasure for a lifetime.

Today, we aim to paint a pretty comprehensive picture of what to expect in an Indian wedding.

So… have you been to an Indian wedding before? What is the most striking thing you remember about Indian weddings?

The Never-ending Agenda

Taking the gold medal for being the longest weddings out there, Indian weddings often have a combination of events that vary depending on the sub-culture. However, our all-time favourites are Haldi (or Vidhi), Mehndi & sangeet (which usually go together), the reception and of course the big day – the wedding.

Who can forget the fun of IMMEDIATELY deciding which different outfits we will be wearing for every event the minute we see the wedding agenda

Next Comes the Delicious Banquet

This is, without a doubt, one of the best things about Indian weddings (trust us on this one). The variety of food will leave you extremely pleased. You will find each of your sweet or savoury cravings utterly satisfied.

Moment of Reflection: Which one do you like more? the Zafrani Pulao or the Gajar ka halwa?

Something that has become a staple in recent days is a chocolate fondue. Did you know that the chocolate fondue originated as the cheese fondue from Switzerland and later crawled its way to be a dessert with chocolate substituting cheese?

Moment of Reflection: So, where was your last banquet?

Loud Music All the Time

During the reception, the first dance is not just special for the couple, it is so lovely for all the guests to watch as well (whilst tinkling their glasses of course!). After the initial slow dance, the music and fun get louder as the evening wears on. Dancing to top Bollywood songs with your friends and family is nothing short of a very special evening indeed.

Moment of Reflection: What is your go-to track at the Sangeet?

Guests Make It Better and Brighter

Indian weddings are incredibly social events (in case you hadn’t noticed). With anything from a few hundred to a thousand people, you are bound to meet people you wouldn’t even expect – be it your friend from school or university, or even a distant relative. The world is much smaller than you’d imagine when it comes to Indian weddings. You are almost guaranteed to find yourself deep in conversation in no time.

It is all about love, connection and sharing

Do Not Forget Your Gifts

The bride and groom have probably been planning the wedding for close to a year. They have shared their love for you by carefully choosing each element of the wedding which you have enjoyed with them. So, now is your turn to return the love. What is your favourite choice of gift to the newlyweds? Not sure?

Do check out our blog on wedding gifts for more inspiration on what to give them!

After all, the gesture matters more.

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