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Blissfull Events

Leicester, United Kingdom. .

Bharathi Sanghani

London, United Kingdom.

Bridal Henna.

Amar G Media

Berkshire, United Kingdom.

It all starts with a click of a button, so why not drop me an email or call. Give me a brief description of your event. Get a Quote from me. Follow th.


Leicester, United Kingdom.

Light gold embroided lace top with pure silk olive green. Available to order from website and many other silk colours to choos.

The WedSetGo Story!

how it all started

Wed•Set•Go started off as a passing comment:

"Why isn't there just one place where I can search for everything related to my wedding! It's so tiring to search everything separately on Google".

And that was it! I mean...she was right - why WASN'T there a website with everything in one place? And so it began...And now we're ready to show the world.


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