Indian Wedding Gift Ideas

August 16, 2020

By Team WSG

*Quick! Panic Stations!* You have an Indian wedding coming up and you need a gift, ASAP…. but what kind of wedding gift do you give in an Indian wedding?

We hear your plight…. finding a perfect gift for the happy couple is quite the challenge! You want to choose something useful yet fun yet personal, all whilst making sure you are following proper wedding etiquette. After all, Indian weddings are steeped in tradition and expectation.

Well here at Wed·Set·Go, we have put together a selection of some unique and exciting wedding gift ideas that will help you sail through this portion of the Indian wedding without any stress.

1) The “You can’t go wrong” Wedding Presents

# Jewellery: Giving jewellery is a common tradition in India when it comes to family members and close friends. Buying jewellery for the bride is an almost foolproof idea (emphasis on the word almost). IF you choose the right item of jewellery (assuming you have some knowledge of the bride’s taste), your gift will be worn countless times in the future during other special events.

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# Couple watches: Watches are a popular Indian wedding gift, and a great way to mark the start of the happy couple’s (punctual) lives together (no “indian timing” here!). These watches remind the couple not only of their wedding day, but also of their better half who will be wearing a matching piece on their wrist.

2) The “Useful” Wedding Presents:

For Indian newlyweds, just as in many other cultures, the couple will need certain items to set up their home together.

#Coffee maker: Be instrumental in making each and every morning fresh with a cup of coffee. Ranging from a single cup brewer to a 12-cup coffee drip coffee maker, today’s coffee makers come in an extraordinary range of models and colours to suit any home.

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#Blender:  A long-lasting gift that makes an impact on the everyday life of all health-conscious (or not) newlyweds. Everyone loves smoothies and cocktails. Hence, a blender makes an excellent addition to any couple’s new home. For those of you looking to be extra cheesy, in the wedding card don’t forget to point out that just as a blender bonds the ingredients, this wedding gift will bond the newlywed couple together.

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#Dutch oven casserole: Multi-purpose and essential in any kitchen – a dutch oven casserole serves as the ultimate wedding present for a couple. Durable and loved by home-chefs, this is suitable as a group gift where you and your close friends can contribute to the expense.

Shop any branded casserole from the various colours and designs – the classic being Le Creuset

#Cast iron cookware sets: Why not fill the life of your newlyweds with delicious food by gifting them a cast iron cookware set. Not only do they provide deeper flavours for food, they can be used in the oven as well as the stove. Be sure to include some instructions on how to look after the cast iron cookware… it certainly isn’t simple!

3) The “Personalised” Wedding Presents:

We at Wed·Set·Go LOVE personalised presents… we think they allow the bond you share with the bride or groom to truly shine through. By making the couple feel special, they cherish these gifts for years.

# Personalised cutting boards: By engraving their names and wedding date or a short and sweet phrase on a cutting board, the newlywed couple will feel extra special.

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#Personalised map: Know an adventurous couple? This map will help couples plan and track all their adventures on the horizon. The frame can have their names, wedding dates or a message. The map provides pushpins to mark every important location to a couple, starting from where they first met and continuing with the wedding, honeymoon and future holidays.

#Other Personalised gifts: You can go for many personalised gifts ranging from personalised couples monogram keepsake boxes to personalised wine glass set.

4) The “Experience” Wedding Presents:

When you want to keep the celebration going for the newlyweds even after the wedding, give them a gift which will provide them with eternal memories. These “Experience” wedding presents are perfect.

#Spa voucher: Providing the couple with ultimate relaxation, and an opportunity to spend quality time together, spa vouchers make a simple and foolproof gift.

#Holiday gift cards: You can never go wrong with giving the newlyweds memories which they will treasure for a lifetime. Give them an opportunity to bond with a travel experience. Giving them the flexibility to choose a wide array of destinations, hotels, and resorts, the happy couple will cherish it forever.

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